This past weekend we went to Croatia.. not the beautiful coast, not Zagreb but Osijek & Orahovica. Both these towns I visited in 2003 & 2004 but hadn’t been back since. It was nice to bring Will to this part of this world. Just 20 years ago, my friends were living in a town filled with terror while tanks drove down their streets. I was playing “house” in my safe suburban back yard. We took a train from Budapest and as we arrived on the outskirts of the city, I saw the familiar sign with skeletons, which stated, “Mine Field, Do not Enter”. You see, when the Serbian army left Croatia, they would drop these mines so that as farmers would work in their fields or people would travel they would die or be injured. Most of these fields are gone now but still, as I saw, a few remain. If you aren’t familiar with this war, read up on it. There are a few famous movies which depict the war via Hollywood, Behind Enemy Lines with Luke Wilson & Harrison’s Flowers with Adrian Brody.  My father is very knowledgeable on this war and has met, preached and prayed with neighbors who fought against each other during the war.

Two couples with CEO have moved there to live and Will & I got to visit them. Our first night was with the Bohalls in Orahovica. Jeremy and Petra are Will & I’s age and have three adorable children. We went to celebrate Ian’s 2nd birthday complete with a Veggie Tale Cake. I love hanging out with these guys and we played games till Midnight. Will was a trooper as he wasn’t feeling well but he played a few games with us. The second day/night we went to Osijek and spent an awesome time with the Walkers. Kevin & Alyssa are working and teaching at the Evangelical Seminary there and we played our favorite game, Settlers of Cattan and then they took us out to an awesome English Pub for a spectacular dinner. We really enjoy hanging out with these guys as we are also the same age, doing similar things in life. Kevin & Will can talk sports which is great for man time. Alyssa inspires me to be a woman of the Word! I loved our little date out on the town which ended with delicious dessert and a walk along the river.

It was refreshing to me, to enjoy this time with friends. We hope to do it again in the Spring. Pray for our friends serving!!


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